Coronavirus update

You will have seen the exciting news from the Government that public worship will be allowed from 4th July. We are looking at the guidance to see how we might safely resume meeting together in St John’s but it will not be as soon as early July. It is important that we take the time we need to ensure that it is as safe as possible for us to meet and that we can comply with the guidance we have been given.

The process of unlocking our buildings is hugely complicated. We need to minimise the risk of infection for anyone coming into the church building and try to ensure that people are not excluded by their health or need to stay at home. We are following ā€“ and seeking to abide by ā€“ the advice we are given; it takes thought and time to then adapt that information so that it is appropriate for our building.

We long for that day when we can gather in St John’s Church to worship God together. Meanwhile, we remember that the Church is the people of God not the building and that our worship and prayers are as just as precious to God when they come from our homes as from the church building. The church building may be closed but the Church is not shut!

If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact the vicar.