Thy Kingdom Come at St John’s

Thy Kingdom Come (TKC) is a global prayer movement that invites Christians around the world to pray for more people to come to know Jesus. It began in 2016 with an invitation from the Archbishops of Canterbury and York to spend the time between Ascension Day and Pentecost to pray ‘Come Holy Spirit’, so that friends and family, neighbours and colleagues might come to faith in Jesus Christ. It has grown to involve 172 countries and a whole range of different Christian traditions.

The hope is that the 11 days of TKC will help us:

  • Deepen our own relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Pray for 5 friends or family to come to faith in Jesus
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit would help us be effective in our witness to the difference knowing Jesus makes to our lives

How can you take part in TKC at St John’s? Here are some ideas:

  1. Pray for 5 friends or family to come to faith in Jesus. Click here for some ideas of how to do this.
  2. Download the TKC prayer journal and use it to help you pray.
  3. Visit the outdoor prayer room in Sunnyside churchyard. Use the prayer posts and prayer labyrinth to help you pray. These materials will also be on line so you can use them at home if you are not able to get to church. (coming soon!)

There are more ideas and resources on the TKC website. Why not have a look?